Targeted Traffic


Targeted Traffic = Better Conversion = More Sales! 

Targeting allows you to display the best sites to show visitors, which means better quality visitors to your sites.

So, instead of just picking a random site to show a visitor, they match sites to visitors.

For example, if you want to promote to people specifically from “America” and are interested in ‘Internet Promotion’, then they will show your sites to visitors using those targeting options.

Below are some free traffic sites that allow you to target the visitors, to your specific offer.

This also means you are not wasting valuable credits showing ads that are not relevant to the visitor.


Allows you to earn free targeted advertising by adding a text ad widget to your site.

Your targeted ad is shown three times every time you show one AdsVert ad.

You also earn extra advertising credits from your referrals 5 levels deep!

You can also cloak any affiliate site and add an AdsVert ad to it (Click Here for a demo).

Free to join and you get 2500 credits when you join.


A traffic exchange that allows you to target specific countries and also visitor interests.